Treyvon & Dzung Bottle Rocket

In tech class we built rockets out of bottles.My partner and I built ours using 2 liter bottle,cardboard for wings and paper as the nose cone.Our rocket reached its highest point in about 1.7 seconds.We learned about Newton’s law of motion and gravitation.

Some rockets didn’t have weight in their nose coneĀ  so it did not fly as well as others.One rocket flew so high and far it almost hit a car.When had the option of how much water to put in side the rocket or if we want water at all.If we filledĀ our rocket completely with water it would not launch because no pressure could build up inside.

Lego Robotics

This is a picture of a lego robot

This is a picture of a lego robot

Lego robotics was really fun.What you do is upload NXT and the Mindstorms programs onto your computer.you could make it(the robot) move forward,backward,forward and back,or even follow a line of tape.The funnest program I think was making it avoid obstacles.Next time would like to do a more challenging program.I learnt how to program and engineer robotics.